Dear Mr de Graaf

As a couple who’s native languages are English and Greek.  I would like to inform you of our experience with ‘de Graaf Verhuizingen’.

We had employed you to collect only the large furniture (beds, cupboards, washing machine etc.),
the collection was from Alkmaar and delivery in Broek Op Langedijk (so not a big job for you, but a colossal one for us)

At 08:00 three burly looking chaps turned up at the door, all three of them were very polite, jovial and very conscious of the job at hand.
In no time they had dismantled all the necessary furniture packed it carefully away and were ready to transport it to the new house.
They arrived, and after a quick coffee, magically transformed our new empty house in to one which resembled a home.
There was never any grumbling or discontent when we changed our minds about the location of different furniture,
advise was freely given on how to move furniture around the room, making our life much easier.

I would truly like to thank both you and especially the ‘burly men’, who made our move much more pleasant and worry free.
The service provided was efficient, clearly explained and I would gladly recommend you to all of my friends.

Thank you very much!
Kind regards , vriendelijke groeten,

Mark Fowler

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